Great facts about nairobi

Wide open grass plains, scattered acacia bush play host to a wide variety of wildlife such as the endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes and diverse bird-life over species recorded. Some Nairobi businesses, especially those associated with the political opposition, have been ransacked by state security officials.

City Park, located two miles north of the city center, is a well-preserved remnant of the woodlands that covered the area before the construction of the railway. In addition, temporary wetlands are created with the coming of each rainy season.

Great Rift Valley, Kenya

The Kikuyu make up around 20 percent of the Kenyan population, and their home area borders Nairobi. Timber is also used in construction, causing depletion of forests surrounding the city.

Power cuts and water shortages were a common occurrence, though in the past few years better city planning has helped to put some of these problems in check. It is usually very hot in February and March.

6 Interesting Facts about Nairobi

European settlers were encouraged to settle in the country, and Nairobi was their natural choice due to its cool climate and fertile soils. Adorned with modern skyscrapers, world class restaurants, fully equipped hospitals, modern shopping malls, schools, abundant private and public transportation, and universities and colleges that provide local and international curriculum - you will find it all in Nairobi.

During the rally, daily results dominate radio, print, and television news coverage as Kenyans cheer for the local heroes competing against top international drivers. President Kenyatta died in and was succeeded by his vice president, Daniel arap Moi. Of the buildings built in the Seventies, the KICC was the most eco-friendly and most environmentally conscious structure; its main frame was constructed with locally available materials Gravel, sand, cement and wood, it had wide open spaces which allowed for natural aeration and natural lighting.

ByNairobi was firmly established and the colonizers decided to make it the capital of the newly formed British East Africa. There are 2 Main Industries in Kenya: Nairobi has a well-developed infrastructure, including modern financial and communications systems.

Occasionally hippos and crocodiles can be spotted in the Athi River. The pressure exerted from the locals onto the British resulted in Kenyan independence inwith Nairobi as the capital of the new republic. There are four dishes which are of particular note.

It has introduced the world to Benga the blend of jazz and LuoSoukous and Mugithi genres. Matatus play a critical role in providing city dwellers with transport. She was the first African woman to win that price Fact 9:. Here are 6 interesting facts about Nairobi that you ought to know as a local or a visitor.

Find out about attractions, malls and the city's history. Some of the oldest known paleontological records of man’s history have been found in Kenya. 6. Kenya’s Great Rift Valley was formed around 20 million years ago, when the crust of the Earth was split.

West of Nairobi the land descends to the Great Rift Valley, a 4,mile (6,kilometer) tear in the Earth's crust. Within this valley in the deserts of northern Kenya are the jade-green waters of famous Lake Turkana.

The Aberdare Range forms a section of the eastern rim of the Great Rift Valley to the north of Nairobi. Mount Satima lies at the northern end of the Aberdares and is their highest point, and Mount Kinangop at the southern end is the second highest.

Interesting Kenya facts about fashion tell us that it is a country known for a garment called a khanzu. This is essentially a male-only piece of clothing, and is a long, white flowing robe that is worn at many times of the day to keep men cool.

It was at the epicenter of the nationalist movement, which eventually led to Kenya ' s independence from Great Britain in Since independence, the city has grown at a tremendous rate. The city reflects the stark contrasts of wealth that characterize Kenyan society.

Trouble Showed the Way: Women, Men, and Trade in the Nairobi Area .

Great facts about nairobi
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